Washington 'is screwed up,' New Hampshire governor laments

Although he supports the House censure, Sununu said stripping Gosar of his committee assignments will do little to improve the quality of life for voters.

Such divisiveness will only continue to ruin America, the governor said. “We got to get beyond that, because, culturally, it’s really, really ruining America,” he explained. “We got to get back to showing that public service can work, and especially at a localized level.”

Sununu also criticized the GOP and its poor messaging and urged the party to focus on its more successful policies.

“Republicans have had huge successes, with cutting taxes, limiting government, creating — creating opportunities in schools, supporting parents, making sure kids — those are our wins, and those are America’s wins,” he said. “That’s what we have to focus on as a party.”

Sununu explained his decision to run for governor again rather than jump into the Senate race this way: “You can just get so much more done as a governor.”

“As governor, you can actually play defense and protect the interests of your citizens against the negative stuff coming out of D.C., as well as creating those opportunities,” he said.

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