Top Dems put squeeze on for a social spending deal as Manchin-Sinema talks resume

“It’s lamb eat lamb. There is no bad decision. We have to choose,” Pelosi told her members, according to a source familiar with her remarks.

Asked whether she would insist on an infrastructure vote that rides alongside a full vote on the party-line social spending bill, as her left flank has called for, Pelosi said: “I don’t want to get any impression that there was any promise these two would go together. At least I wasn’t part of that.”

Progressives have also blanched at Sinema’s efforts to avoid raising tax rates and Manchin’s move to cut the bill to as little as $1.5 trillion. Those moves have prompted a deal on a corporate minimum tax and tenuous negotiations on a billionaires tax, as well as potential cuts to plans for Medicare expansion, Medicaid expansion and paid leave.

Democrats are more confident about climate subsidies and universal pre-K making it into in the package, along with an extension of the child tax credit. But it all comes down to where Manchin and Sinema fall — and whether the rest of the party’s thin majorities go along with Biden’s dealmaking.

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