McCarthy counters Trump's message that voters sit out future elections

McCarthy counters Trump’s message that voters sit out future elections

1 00:00:01,780 –> 00:00:07,080 >> Donald Trump put out a statement recently where he talked about the election fraud. He said Republicans will 2 00:00:07,080 –> 00:00:12,720 not be voting in 2022 or 2024 if you do not fix these issues. Is 3 00:00:12,720 –> 00:00:18,090 that messaging helpful for House Republicans who are trying to retake the majority this coming 4 00:00:18,090 –> 00:00:20,120 election cycle. 5 00:00:20,490 –> 00:00:25,790 >> Fundamental thing I firmly believe people should participate in their elections. 6 00:00:25,790 –> 00:00:31,080 We’re seeing what happened based upon the last election that now we have inflation. Now we have a Department of 7 00:00:31,080 –> 00:00:36,750 Justice going after parents because they want to stay in their children’s school. We have shortages from 8 00:00:36,750 –> 00:00:42,410 your food. You have prices continuing to rise. We have crime in the streets. 9 00:00:42,420 –> 00:00:47,550 >> I think everybody should go vote to change the direction just as we did back in 1979 that the 10 00:00:47,550 –> 00:00:52,650 next century could be American Century. If we get the Democratic policies out of here. Thank you all very much.

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